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Relevant Results

Circuit’s easy-to-use interface puts simple but powerful tools at your disposal. Its design aims to create ideal matches between legal professionals and law firms and companies. Circuit delivers relevant results for both job seekers and employers.

Incentivized Referral Feature

(Feature not yet available)

Circuit’s referral feature allows professionals to refer colleagues to potential employers with an added incentive. Earn a referral bonus every time a colleague you refer is hired.

Safe and Secure

Circuit implements special features to ensure that job hunting and posting are safe, private, and discreet. Search for jobs with confidence knowing that you have the ability to control who can see your Circuit profile.


Lawyers and Legal Service Professionals

Navigating the convoluted world of online job hunting can be a mammoth task in itself. Circuit aims to make the process as painless and efficient as possible. We only list jobs related to the legal services industry in order to provide job seekers with accurate and relevant results devoid of clutter.


Law Firms and Companies

By providing a space dedicated solely for legal professionals and companies seeking to fill job vacancies, Circuit has created a specialized platform for ideal matches to be made in record time. Employers can rest assured that their job listings will reach their target audience without getting drowned out by thousands of unrelated listings.


Circuit was founded and designed by lawyers and IT professionals to serve as a responsive platform for the specific hiring needs of the legal services industry.